Getaweb Xibo Google Calender plugin

We developed a component to connect Google Calendar with Xibo. The module is a webbased program and you can change the source and css files. The module also works good on a website or you can connect the data from Google Calendar with other CMS components.
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  • Load the program as a webpage in Xibo
  • Change the CSS files to get your own look
  • Display all activities from one day
  • After 15 minutes (or otherwise configured) form the startingtime the activity will no longer be displayed
  • It is a ideal solution for non- or notforprofit organizations and commercial companies with meetings, activities in many rooms.

How to order Google Calendar for Xibo

Buy it now for just $ 49

After payment you will immediately receive the Google Calendar plugin for Xibo.

Installation Google Calendar plugin for Xibo

Place the files in the Agenda (\ agenda) folder on the server where Xibo is located.

Make sure you have an API key from Google and copy it in the config.ini.php (under api api_key). Also enter the calendar ID here, which you will find in the Google Calendar settings.

You can place your translations for the day, month, etc.

Determine how long an activity should be displayed on the screen in the display-after_start field. For example, "15M" is 15 minutes after start ends the on-screen activity. "-1" shows the activities all day long).

Set the CSS to your taste.

In Xibo you are going to add a region, edit timeline, choose webpage, place a link (for example http: //www.sitename/calendar/index.php), enter a name for the duration (for example 10000) and choose Option for native to open. Click Save.

Check it with an example layout (place some data in Google Calendar to test)

If you need more than one calendar on a screen, you can create more folders with the calendar software, each with their own api.